Books by A. V. Rajwade

Foreign Exchange, International Finance and Risk Management (5th edition): This book provides a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the forex markets, aspects of treasury risk management, derivatives, and relevant accounting and regulatory aspects in the treatment of forex derivatives.

Cash and Derivatives market in Foreign Exchange (Vol-I): This widely acclaimed and popular book is considered required reading for treasury managers in almost all banks and corporates.

Currency Exposures and Derivatives (Vol-II): This companion volume to “Cash and Derivative market in Foreign Exchange”, is an authoritative guide to the complex subject of foreign currency risk management.

Handbook of Debt Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives: The importance of fixed income portfolios and the need to manage them prudently and optimally has grown rapidly in the recent years.

World Money & Other Articles: A collection of selected published articles from over five decades of expertise in risk management and derivatives.