Risk Management

Policy Work and Reviews
We help our clients understand the currency and interest rate risks in their businesses and assist them in formulating a policy for management of their exposures. The overall strategy is based on the nature of the company’s business and its risk appetite. We also review the operational aspects of their existing setup, advise them on the efficacy of existing internal control systems and suggest measures for strengthening the same.

Advisory Services on ‘Retainership’ basis
This involves proactive management of the clients’ forex exposures based on the nature of their business. We help in formulating an overall strategy and implement the same on a regular basis. We advise them on use of suitable derivative instruments like option contracts, currency and interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements (FRA’s), caps and collars etc, and also various aspects of trade finance eg. Suppliers/buyers credit, PCFC or Rupee packing credit, EEFC accounts, etc. The emphasis is on a structured approach to risk appreciation, risk quantification and risk control.